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Student Volunteering


Students are encouraged to volunteer their time and talents to the school and the community. Volunteering can help students explore new interests and are well regarded on job resumes and college/scholarship applications. (Besides, it’s just plain good karma to help others.) Community service is required as part of the following programs. In these cases:

  1. Hours must be documented and verified with the signature of an agency representative. Hours should be supervised in some way so they can be verified. Separate verification forms may be needed for each program.
  2. No pay may be received.
  3. Some courses require a student to complete community service. These hours would not satisfy requirements for any of the hours below.

International High School:

Students need a total of 150 CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service) hours over the course of their junior and senior years. They need to complete 100 hours of service and strike a reasonable balance between creativity and action for the remaining 50 hours. After July 1st, between the sophomore and junior year, CAS hours count towards the hour-requirement for the first trimester of the junior year. During the summer between junior and senior year, CAS hours count towards the requirement for the first trimester of senior year. Students must complete a minimum of 15 hours each trimester. All hours must be completed by April of the senior year.   Students may also use the 100 service hours towards the 4J Honors Diploma and National Honor Society. Students must use ManageBac to log their hours and have hours verified by a supervisor.

French Immersion students must complete 50 of their 150 CAS hours in a setting where the French language is primarily used. All other requirements for CAS hours are listed above.

See the CAS handbook on the IHS website for more information.

District 4J Honors Recognition:

Students must apply during their senior year by May 1, but they may start recording their volunteer hours on the green District 4J Honors Recognition Community Service Log anytime during high school. 120 documented hours of community service are required. Students also need a 3.5 GPA by the time of graduation. Request an application during your junior or senior interview and contact Melinda Schull, counseling secretary, or Lori Sauter, Career-Center coordinator, for further information.

National Honor Society:

Pick up an application in spring of your sophomore or junior year. For acceptance, students must have a 3.6 GPA. A history of volunteer service and leadership is taken into consideration, as well. NHS requires students to maintain their GPA and complete 50 hours of community service during each year of membership. These 50 hours may apply to the 4J Honors Diploma or IHS requirements. Contact NHS advisor, Barb Keyworth (, 541-790-8024) for further information.

Classic South:

Community service is not required for graduation from SEHS. However, seniors completing a senior project are required to complete a 15-20 hour community-based experience, which might include community service among other activities.

Click here for the Community Service Timeline.