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Study Abroad/Gap Year Travel

Check out our Travel Programs Table for a list of program options and their characteristics.





Download our International Travel Worksheet to help you organize your research around some specifically recommended travel programs and consider important criteria related to them.

Books, brochures, and reference guides are available in the Career Center on the following topics:

  • Study-abroad programs: Yearlong, semester long, or summer length
  • Service opportunities in foreign countries
  • International trips organized for high school students
  • International colleges and universities







Study Abroad Program Lists:

For Students Considering Attending University Abroad:

  • International Degree Programs at Lane offers several programs that enable students to start their studies at Lane and complete with a bachelor’s degree at one of our international partner institutions.
  • Beyond the States, a website for exploring Europe’s English-taught programs. This for-profit site charges membership fees for some of its offerings. Several South students have recommended it.


For Students Considering a Gap Year of Volunteer Service:

For Students Considering a Gap Year of Au Pair Work:

  • Recommended (but not vetted): Aupairworld Website
  • Reader Story: How Angela Travels the World as an Au Pair is one woman’s story about navigating the au pair world.
  • Blogs about the au pair experience can offer personal insights.
  • Facebook groups for au pairs working in specific areas can offer local insights.
  • Suggestion from one South student: “[F]or any future people you have looking into this, I found out why most au pair-ships are about 3 months… its because getting a visa into Europe for more than 90 days, is sooo hard. If you go for a student visa, you have to be in school 20 hours a week, and work visas are hard to get, plus the border patrol is really strict about not letting people stay for longer than 90 days….”